Simply, Pill Alert

is a medication reminder that is easy to setup and use, without having to worry about timers, and clocks, and schedules.

In this app, we are foregoing the complexities of similar apps that have many confusing features. All you need to do is to enter a name and the schedule from your pill bottle.

Pill Alert will show you whether you missed taking a dosage, and also show you how late you were taking it.

Just say "Daily pills", and select "Once a day", and tell the app that you have taken them. The rest just happens, - or- make your schedule as complicated as you wish.

Tell the app the schedule you need to take them on, and again tell it when you take your medication. The rest is easy, with one less headache you need to worry about.

Our very short list of key features:
- Alerts you when your pills are due. You don't need to have the app running.
- Shows you how late are you taking your pills if you have missed an alert
- There are no complicated settings or unnecessary features. Taking your pills takes a moment. Using this app should take even less time and effort.

Here are some quick hints to start you up easily:
• The philosophy
Simply, Pill Alert is an easy-to-use app that you can use without having to deal with timers, clocks, schedules, etc.

  • How do I simply setup my medications?
    Simple: touch the '+' button at the top, enter the name of your medication, and choose one of the schedules from the list that represents closely the schedule prescribed on your medication.

    the prescribed schedule wording may not exactly match the choices. For example 'Once daily' vs. 'One a day'. Choose the entry that represents your prescription the closest.
  • How do I set the timer?
    You don't. There is no timer to set. When you are ready to take your medicine, touch the entry for the medication you are taking, and the countdown will begin.
    You will then be alerted when it is time to take your medicine again.
    Hint: Medications which you have entered
  • but not started taking yet will be shown in gray color 
  • How will I know when to take my medicine next?
    The app will alert you, when it is time. You don't need to have the app running. Using the iOS 4's background features, you will be alerted whether you are running the app, on the phone, using another app, or have your device on standby (just don't have it completely powered off).
    Hint: Keep things simple. If you take more than one medication at the same time, only create a single entry instead of one for each. This way you won't have to juggle multiple alarms going off at the same time.
  • What happens when I take my medicine?
    Whenever you take your medicine, let the app know. If you take it a little early, or a little late, it won't matter - the timer will restart when you take your medicine and tell the app you did so.

  • Medications that are due or past due will be shown in red color. Select it to tell the app you have taken your medication now.

  • What if can't take my medication as scheduled?
    It is important to take your medications as prescribed and on time. But if life interferes and you need to adjust your schedule, it is very easy to do so with Simply, Pill Alert.

  • Medications that are not due yet will be shown in blue color. Simply by selecting the entry, you can reset the timer to indicate you have taken your medicine early.

    If you need to take your medication early, just do so, and let the app know by touching your medication which isn't due yet.
  • What if can't take my medicine on time?
    If you can't take your medicine when you are alerted, you can
    Postpone the alert; this will give you another reminder in one hour.
    If you know you are not going to be able to take your medicine anytime soon (if, for example, you are at work and forgot your pills at home), you can choose to
    Ignore the alert, and get back on schedule whenever you are able to. The alert schedule will reset as soon as you indicate you have taken your medicine.

    Hint: If you are late taking your medicine, when you get back to the app, you will be able to see how late have you been taking it on time.

    You can then decide to take your missed dose right away or wait for the next cycle
    , depending on your doctor's instructions.

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