PentaTimer: A timer for multitaskers

In our busy days, we are bound to find ourselves in the middle of many tasks at the same time.

PentaTimer will help you keep track of time for each of your tasks.

Are you doing laundry, while cooking supper, and want to get on the exercise bike at the same time? Use PentaTimer!
With its 5 independent timers always clearly in view, you can keep an eye on all your tasks at the same time. No need to touch, swipe, or shake your device.

Are you cooking a big feast, 4 burners going at the same time, and a big bird in the oven? Use PentaTimer!
Designed to also be a chef's timer, its unique features help you keep track of everything that is cooking. PentaTimer allows you to view all the timers simultaneously, laid out like a cooking range, so you can see what is cooking and what is done with a single glance.

  • Five (5) independent timers enable you to time related or completely unrelated tasks without complexity
  • Displays all five (5) timers at the same time without the need to switch back and forth
  • Large blue countdown digits show amount left clearly
  • Digits turn red once the countdown reaches zero, showing finished tasks easily at a glance
  • Finished timers turn red and start counting up, allowing you to see how much time has passed if you have missed the end time.
  • Ability to use any of the timers as a stopwatch
  • All timers can be started, stopped, and reset independently
  • Timers can be set in seconds, making it possible, to cook that perfect 6 and a half minute egg
  • Each timer can be easily set by simple controls, so you can concentrate on your task, not fiddling with your device
  • Each timer remembers its last setting, letting you use it for batch tasks, or cooking batches of items
  • Eye catching UI elements make using this app a pleasure
  • Intelligent power management modes control your device’s sleep function according to whether it is on power or battery

Please use the built-in email support link from within the app or the support for any questions or problems.

Quick usage tips

  • By default, each timer has its controllers inactive. This is to avoid accidentally stopping or resetting an active timer and losing your time
  • Touch the pad for a timer to activate the controls. The controls will appear and become active before they disappear again in a few seconds
  • Press the button with the gears to bring up the settings for each timer. Here you can set the countdown time and alarm sounds. You can also give the timer a name
  • The play button is a three stage toggle. Press it to start, stop and reset the timer
  • Need a stopwatch? Set a timer to zero. When started, it will count upwards
  • Once the countdown is finished, the timers will start counting up instead of stopping at zero. This way you can add a minute or two to your event, or if you are late for an event, you can see how late you are
  • For the alarms to sound, the program needs to be running. You can lock your screen, or receive a phone call, but if you would like to run another app, you will need to restart PentaTimer to hear the alarms. You will not lose your settings or the countdown times if you exit and restart the app
  • Smart power management advantage. If the device is on power, PentaTimer will prevent it to turn off the screen. If it is running on battery, PentaTimer will allow the screen to turn off, but prevent the device to go into deep sleep. This way you can have your device in your pocket and still hear the alarms.

Alarm sounds courtesy of [Creative Commons License]
Some graphics courtesy of [Creative Commons License]